NK Students Open Water

Next to the ONKS in the pool, there is also a Dutch Championships Open Water for Students (NKS Open Water) since 2013. This competition takes place during summer and is suitable for all students at HBO or University.

In 2022 the NKS Open Water took place on Sunday June 12th 2022 during the Speedo Swim-In in Leiden. This was the first time the competition started at a new location: het Huigpark (2312 CX, Leiden). The following distances were on the schedule:

  • 1000m breaststroke
  • 1000m freestyle
  • 4x100m freestyle relay

Information of the 2023 edition has not yet been released. Below you can find the information and specifics of the 2022 edition:

The organizing association of this edition was E.L.S.Z.W.V. Aquamania. The participation costs will be around €10,00 per individual distance and €15,00 if you swim both the 1000m breaststroke and 1000m freestyle. The participation costs for the 4x100m freestyle are €4,00 per team. Electronic time measurement will be used during the competition, the rent of the band, that registers your time, is €3,00 per person. For registration of the 2022 edition the form below this page can be downloaded, filled in and send to zwemmen@aquamanialeiden.nl. The deadline for the registration of the NKS Open Water is May 28th 2022. Click here, or mail to zwemmen@aquamanialeiden.nl for more information.

The NKS Open Water records can be found below: