The Dutch Student Water Polo Competition (NSWK) is a competition in which member associations of the Stichting NSZ can participate. The competition consists of four tournament days, spread out over the academic year and different student cities.

NSWK started with a pilot in 2013-2014, and has grown to be a huge success. NSWK matches were originally meant to offer a podium and place to play for beginning water polo teams, and gain real competitive experience through this. In the year 2020-2021 NSWK days see matches between 12 teams spread out across 2 different pools; one for players new to the sport and one for more experienced players.

Because these days are meant for gaining competitive experience and just play a nice game of water polo, we publish results per day of play, instead of per season.

Date NSWKs season 2020-2021

NSWK I 18-1-2020 Delft
NSWK II 13-12-2020 Nijmegen
NSWK III 07-02-2021 Leiden
NSWK 3,5 03-04-2021 Nijmegen
NSWK IV 29-05-2021 Utrecht

Edit: because of the COVID-19 pandemic NSWK I, NSWK II and NSWK III have been cancelled. Please also keep an eye on our news page: stichtingnsz.nl/en/stichting/news