International students

As Stichting NSZ, our main task is to provide students a swimming competition (NSZK) and, starting season 2013-2014, also a student waterpolo competition (NSWK) between the university towns under the regulations of the Royal Dutch Swimming Federation . We also try to promote the sport of swimming among students and encourage contacts between students swimming clubs.

There are currently 11 student swimming associations involved in the NSZK and 7 teams in the NSWK. In some cities, there are seperate clubs for waterpolo and swimming while in others the club offers both swimming and waterpolo. If you’d like to know more about these clubs, just keep on reading!

Amsterdam: SPONS (only swimming)
In the middle of Amsterdam is: SPONS. A large, cozy club full of activities, where training is possible at any swimming level. Do you want to find out more or do you want to join a training? Please visit our website: or email us:

Amsterdam: JAWS (only waterpolo)
For nearly 15 years, JAWS Amsterdam is an understanding among waterpolo-playing students in the Netherlands. Because what’s more fun than spending your student time with people who do such a cool sport like you? Right! For more information, go to our website: or send a message to

Delft: DSZ WAVE (swimming + waterpolo)
DSZ WAVE is the student swimming, triathlon and water polo club from Delft. With our 200 members, we participate in the students’ and regular competitions. More information:

Eindhoven: Nayade (swimming + waterpolo)
Eindhoven Student Water Polo and Swimming Association Nayade is the oldest student waterpolo and swimming association of the Netherlands. Both beginners and toppers can come to Nayade. We also organize an annual waterpolo tournament and a swim meet. Find out more: or email:

Enschede: Piranha (swimming + waterpolo)
Z.P.V. Piranha, the water sports club of the University of Twente. Enjoy our outdoor pool during summer and our cozy indoor pool during winter with your fellow students!

Groningen: de Golfbreker (only swimming)
G.S.Z.V. De Golfbreker is the largest student swimming club from the north. We aren’t training only but we also organize many activities. It is a club with a lot of fun. Are you interested? Visit our website:

Groningen: de Walvisch (only waterpolo)
In 1933 waterpolo club G.S.Z.C. The Walvisch emerged from the Groningen Student Corps Vindicat Atque Polit. We are therefore the only corporal student waterpolo club in the Netherlands. More information:

Leiden: Aquamania (swimming + waterpolo)
Aquamania provides swimming and waterpolo training at all levels and participates in student swimming competitions and waterpolo tournaments. In addition, we regularly relax with fun activities like bowling, dinners, monthly socials and of course the legendary end-of-competition student parties.

Maastricht: Tiburón (only swimming)
Tiburón is a cozy, student swimming club in Maastricht. Would you like to swim alongside your studies? Come over and look for more information, please visit:

Nijmegen: Hydrofiel (swimming + waterpolo)
Hydrofiel, orange blue, Hard & Wet, swimming and waterpolo, Nijmegen, no commitment and a lot of fun. Do these words sound like music to your ears? Are you studying in Nijmegen and want to swim or waterpolo? Check out and join us!

Rotterdam: Ragnar (swimming + waterpolo)
Ragnar is the student swimming and waterpolo association of Rotterdam. We combine exercise with cosiness. This results in great athletic and less athletic moments during training and events! On the sporting level Ragnar swimming is active in the Dutch Student Swimming Competition (NSZK) and NSWK competition.

Utrecht: Het Zinkstuk (swimming + waterpolo)
USZ & WF Het Zinkstuk is the student swimming and waterpolo association of Utrecht. Zinkstuk was founded in 1974 and aims to combine socializing and sportsmanship through activities, tournaments and competitions. If you want to (re)start or continue your swimming or polo career, Zinkstuk is the right place for you!

Wageningen: Aquifer (only swimming)
Aquifer from Wageningen is a cozy club with approximately 80 members. There are many international swimmers active. Twice a week we train in pool ‘de Bongerd’, both beginners and more experienced swimmers. For more information: For a splashing time as a student at Wageningen!

Wageningen: Pila Ictus (only water polo)
Pila Ictus is an active water polo association from Wageningen. There is space for beginning water polo players, as well as advanced water polo players. There is practice twice a week and a lot of activities are being organized. Go to our website for more information!