Amsterdam – JAWS (water polo)

The student water polo association of Amsterdam: JAWS. Since February 2000. At JAWS, we focus on our beautiful sport, water polo, but the large amount of students makes for the best drinks, many parties and a superb fifth quarter.

Amsterdam – SPONS (swimming)

In the middle of Amsterdam you will find SPONS. A large and fun swimming association full of activities where practices are being offered on all levels. Do you want more information, or do you want to join a trial practice? Check out our website or send us an email at!

Delft – DSZ WAVE (swimming, water polo, triathlon)

DSZ WAVE is the student swimming, water polo and triathlon associaton in Delft. With almost 300 members we participate in both student and regular competitions on all levels!

Eindhoven – Nayade (swimming, water polo)

The Eindhoven Student Water Polo & Swimming Association Nayade is de oldest student swim and water polo association of the Netherlands. Both beginners and top athletes will find a place at Nayade. We also organise a water polo tournament and a swimming competition every year. Want to know more? Check out or send an email to!

Enschede – Piranha (swimming, water polo, scuba diving, rescue)

Z.P.V. Piranha, the under and above water sports association of the University of Twente! Enjoy our outdoor pool in the summer, the warm indoor pool in the winter and the amazing atmosphere together with your fellow students!

Groningen – De Golfbreker (swimming)

G.S.Z.V. De Golfbreker is the largest student swimming association in the North! Not only through practicing, but also through the many activities, Golfbreker became the fun and welcoming association it is today! Are you interested? Visit our website for more information about student swimming in Groningen!

Groningen – De Walvisch (water polo)

G.S.Z.C. de Walvisch from Groningen are an interesting phenomanon in the Dutch waters. With three ‘Heeren’ teams and three ‘Damesch’ teams, the Walvisch can offer lots for both expierenced and beginners waterpolo players. Each team has their own habits and traditions, including dinners, drinks, teamweekends abroad and of course the summer water polo tournaments!

Leiden – Aquamania (swimming, water polo)

Aquamania offers swimming and water polo practices on all levels to keep its members sharp and in shape. It also participates in various student swim competitions and water polo tournaments. Next to that, it also regularly offers relaxing and fun activities such as bowling, dinners, drinks and of course the (in)famous post-competition student parties.

Maastricht – Tiburón (swimming)

Tiburon is a fun student swimming association in Maastricht. Would you like to swim with us next to your studies? Check out our website or feel free to drop by for a trial practice!

Nijmegen – Hydrofiel (swimming, water polo)

Hydrofiel, orange-blue, Hard & Wet, swimming & water polo, Nijmegen, no obligations and a lot of fun! Does this sound like music to your ears? Are you a student in Nijmegen and would you like to swim or play water polo? Check out or join a trial practice!

Rotterdam – Ragnar (swimming, water polo)

RSZ&WV Ragnar is the student swimming and water polo association of Rotterdam. Sports and fun are combined perfectly here. This results in good (and sometimes less good) athletic results during practices and events! Ragnar is active in the NSZK swimming competition, and the KNZB and NSWK water polo competitions.

Tilburg – Avalon (swimming, water polo)

TSZWV Avalon is the student swimming and water polo association of Tilburg. The newest addition to the family of student swim sports was founded as recently as 2011, but has known an explosive growth since then. Avalon therefore consists of a close group of active members, that have a fun time both inside and outside the pool. Feel free to get to know us and join us for a trial practice! Avalon offers weekly water polo and swim practices, and on top of that also drinks and activities to all their members! Curious? Send an email to for more information or check out

Utrecht – Het Zinkstuk (swimming, water polo)

USZ&WF Het Zinkstuk is the student swim and water polo association of Utrecht. Het Zinkstuk was founded in 1973 and has combining fun and sports as her main goal, and does this through organising activities, tournaments and competitions. Everyone that wants to continue or start their swimming or water polo career is welcome at Het Zinkstuk!

Wageningen – Aquifer (swimming)

Student Swimming Association Aquifer from Wageningen is a fun association with about 80 members. Aquifer has a lot of active international members. Two times a week, Aquifer hosts practices in swimming pool ‘de Bongerd’ which sees a lot of enthousiastic swimmers from all levels, from experienced to beginning swimmers.
For more information: “For a splashing time as a student in Wageningen!”

Wageningen – Pila Ictus (water polo)

Pila Ictus is an active water polo association for both beginning and experienced players. We offer two practices a week, participate in competitions and organise a lot of activities. Check out our website for more information and feel free to join us for a trial practice!